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Customize title bar in GNOME 3 without extension

I always wondered how come in elementary OS the title bar is transparent, When I found the way to change it in debian it was amazing, The GNOME 3 environment has simple and plan but under the hood we can do lot of customization, one of the commands used to customize is gsettings. Ok lets… Read More »

Change sizes of gnome desktop background

A simple script to change the background.   Just a simple bash script for changing the position of your wallpaper, and it works on Fedora 18;) #!/bin/bash OPTIONS=”Centered Scaled Spanned Zoom Stretched Wallpaper Quit” select opt in $OPTIONS; do if [ “$opt” = “Centered” ]; then gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.background picture-options “centered” echo You choose the… Read More »

Quick tricks on shell

I was working on a project that involves moving data from one point to other, it involves a verity of commands. I am listing some useful hacks. 1. This script is a tiny script to compress, generate md5 and transfer any directory. tar cvJf $1.tar.xz $2; md5sum $1.tar.xz > $1.md5sum scp -i<private key> -P<port> $1.md5sum <user>@<hostname>:<path>… Read More »

Overcome a bug to add unofficial repos in arch

I was struggling to add an unofficial repo for amd catalyst. When I tried to add the key I get a strange error. “connecting to dirmngr failed” simplest hack to solve it is to give the following command from root. sudo -i dirmngr < /dev/null this will create necessary stuff for gpg. after the pacman-key… Read More »

Find the fastest mirror in arch linux

This command finds the fastest mirror. The contry option is to narrow down the search as well as other options. reflector -p http -c ‘United Kingdom’ –threads 2 -f 5 -n 5 –sort rate > /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist If you don’t want to disturb mirrorlist file then skip the last part. reflector -p http -c ‘United Kingdom’… Read More »