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Redirection with php code

Simple redirection with just 3 lines of code in with the last line says exit;. This worked for drupal 6 and hope it will work for other CMS’s too. 1. Open the file /home/user/public_html/sites/all/themes/acquia_marina/page.tpl.php and add the following lines on the top of the file.

get the IP’s from a scan

I scan my office network to find which ip’s are assigned or are in use. thought we have dhcp I always had this curiosity to find how many ip’s are currently online, which one of them are not allocated etc. nmap is a great tool to find out this info, But their is a problem…

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recovering password in ubuntu

There are two ways to do it short way and a long way i will discribe both of them. short way If you forgot your password for your ubuntu system or any other GNU/Linux OS you can recover using the following steps Turn your computer on. Press ESC at the grub prompt. Press e for…

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kde 4 is cool

I tried out kde 4 yesterday to my surprise it got installed in my home system, and do you know what it worked yes it worked with out much configuration. I heard of kde 4 a lot last month when it was released and thought of installing it on my system, well it was a…

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