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Into the wild

Cool breeze, road that never ends and a bike, a perfect way to start the day in the wild. Pinching sun, burning skin breathless hot air, its time for lunch in the afternoon. Water every were I almost think of sharing a boat, its time for snacks in the evening. Chilling cold, dry lips freeze…

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e-Swecha 2014 edition

The 4 day workshop at KG Reddy Enginnering college took me back to early days of swecha when we used to sit for hours together to code, chat, browse, pulling each others leg, cracking jokes and some serious brainstorming, finally building something productive. This workshop or we love to call it as hackathon was productive.…

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What let to the formation Internet Part-I

This is an attempt to chronicle the history of internet. I wish the reader to comment and improve the write-up   Introduction During World War II need for decrypting the messages transmitted by Germans was essential for the west forces which lead to increased importance of the station Bletchley park for breaking the encrypted text…

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Discovery of future us

Today after day long meeting I could feel the heat and urgency of a web solution for information exchange. now i had to be vague while describing the problem for a reason because the requirement is such that i don’t need a blog or a forum but i needed a solution were in lot of…

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