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bits of code

1. pretify json via commandline cat myfile.json | python -m json.tool 2. Start Unetbootin in debian. change sudo to su accordingly. sudo export QT_X11_NO_MITSHM=1 unetbootin archlinux forum 3. Reset git HEAD git reset HEAD~1 4. Include full path in the output of find command for current directory find -name “filename” -exec readlink -f {} \;… Read More »

Convert audio in bulk with GNU parallel

The below command will convert flac files in a folder to mp3. You can add multiple output formats in the end. Source link: https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/487024/batch-convert-decode-audio-into-multiple-formats-with-ffmpeg

Moodle migration

Moodle migration from one server to another while upgrading to a new moodle version Enable maintenance mode before doing anything. This will make sure that there is no data lose and also inform users that the site will not be available. Plan the migration steps before starting the migration which will speed up the process… Read More »

Reset password in matrix synapse

To reset the password of matrix user in debian After login as root. Change the user to postgres At the postgres prompt connect to synapse database and update users table with new hash. generate the hash with hash_password command

encrypt and decrypt a file with password in debian

The simplest way to use gpg encrypt gpg -c filename This will ask for a password decrypt gpg filename enter the password To get extra protection use this command, But remember password is always the weakest element in symmetric encryption.

Setup a VPN tunnel with wireguard in debian

Updated on [09/10/2019] Wireguard is a new VPN (Rather than calling it a VPN its better to call it tunnel to a different system) and is experimental but much faster and very sleek. It is very straight forward and will not take more than 10 min to setup the whole thing. But if you want… Read More »

Close encrypted partition

When I try to mount my encrypted drive the system says “Device or resource busy” and says the mapper links exists. May be old program didn’t close properly or some process is still using it. One way of closing the open mapper device. Step 1 From superuser dmsetup ls This will give list of devices… Read More »

Into the wild

Cool breeze, road that never ends and a bike, a perfect way to start the day in the wild. Pinching sun, burning skin breathless hot air, its time for lunch in the afternoon. Water every were I almost think of sharing a boat, its time for snacks in the evening. Chilling cold, dry lips freeze… Read More »

monitor network speed shell script

No need to install any tool to monitor the network speed. Just run this script and it will show the correct speed. Feel free to modify the code. #!/bin/sh usage(){ echo “Usage: $0 [-i INTERFACE] [-s INTERVAL] [-c COUNT]” echo echo “-i INTERFACE” echo ” The interface to monitor, default is eth0.” echo “-s INTERVAL”… Read More »